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Tuesday Tips!

It's time for Tuesday Tips! Tune in each week on Tuesday for a new helpful tip. This week we will begin our month long journey to the 12 Tips of Christmas. If you would like a sneak peek, don't forget to check out our newsletter, Financial Focus, released yesterday!

Tip #1: Vendor List. Why do I need to be concerned with my vendor list in December? There is always so much to do in January with year end close-out it is always my recommendation to get the smaller things out of the way to free up your time come January. What are some things to look for? First and most important, ensure that you have a current W-9 on file for all eligible vendors. It is also important to review any credit lines that you have and request a credit increase based on your business needs. Don't forget to clear out any vendors that you no longer do business with to keep your list current. Have all vendor invoices been paid? Find out in a future tip why this could be helpful!

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