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ʻO kā mākou kumu (Our Purpose)

Our mission is to spread some sunshine into the world of accounting! We're here to make the sometimes tangled and time-consuming task of accounting feel as breezy as a day on the beach. We're all about keeping things as easy as a gentle island breeze while also being mindful of your business's unique needs. No more worries about getting lost in the accounting jungle – we've got your back with a process that's not only pocket-friendly but also perfectly tailored to fit your business, no matter how big or small. Let's surf through the waves of accounting together and ride the smooth currents of simplicity and affordability!


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Lindsay Read - Owner

Lindsay Read


Aloha there, lovely souls! 🌺 Meet Lindsay, your friendly financial guide with a heart full of Aloha spirit. With a journey spanning over two vibrant decades, Lindsay has been a guiding light for small businesses, infusing her passion into every step of the way.

Imagine this: a warm breeze, the gentle lull of waves, and Lindsay by your side, ready to empower and educate business owners about the enchanting realm of finances. Her mission? Clearing the path to financial enlightenment, one Aloha-infused lesson at a time.

Diving deeper, you'll find that Lindsay's expertise shines even brighter than the Hawaiian sun. Since 2004, she's been a beacon of knowledge as a QuickBooksProAdvisor, navigating the seas of numbers and spreadsheets with finesse and grace. Lindsay doesn't just crunch numbers; she dances with them, creating melodies of prosperity for those she serves.

So, whether you're a business owner seeking financial clarity or someone who simply wants to bask in the glow of Lindsay's wealth of wisdom, rest assured you're in the right place. With Lindsay, it's not just about numbers—it's about fostering growth, building dreams, and embracing the Aloha spirit in every financial endeavor. 🤙

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