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Tip #12

Congratulations! You have made it to the final tip in the 12 Tips of Christmas. If you have followed along all month then all your year end wrap up is as prepared as possible. How does that feel? Most of our clients appreciate the lack of stress they feel moving into the new year. Now what? Isn't everything done? Your business has either prepared all the documents and reports discussed in the 12 Tips of Christmas in house or by a professional accountant. No matter which method best suites you, now is the time to meet face to face with a professional. I can't stress how important this step is and unfortunately it is usually the one that is overlooked the most. This meeting is even more crucial if you are preparing documents and reports in house. The key is to have your trusted professional review what you have produced and provide feedback to ensure your plan is solid and in line with your industry. If your accountant has prepared the documents and reports, then you will want to meet with them to make sure you approve of everything...across the board! You should walk out of that meeting with a clear idea of the health of your business as well as a plan of where you are going. Ask questions! If you are confronted with resistance, this is a red flag. This is your business and you have the right to ask any question you have. Don't have a trusted professional? Feel free to contact us, we would be more than happy to guide you through your questions.

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