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Tuesday Tips!

It's Tuesday again! You know what that means...another Tuesday Tip. We know this month is jam packed with the 12 Tips of Christmas, however, we still want to bring you smaller time saving tips for your day to day activities.

Take advantage of the attach feature in Quickbooks to add any supporting documents to a transaction. Setting aside a few minutes each week to attach these documents saves a great deal of time in the long run, from needing a receipt for a basic return to gathering your source documents at year end as we discussed in tip #4. Let's not forget the one thing that we all hope never happens... AN IRS AUDIT! Yikes!!! You can make a painful audit a little less painful by having the necessary documents available within your accounting system. No more searching through dusty old boxes with your fingers crossed that the document your are searching for was not misfiled. We hope you adapt this helpful tip in 2020, we know you wont regret it!

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